Your Set-up Navigation

Need orientation for the implementation process? 

Step 1: Understand Basics of Impero

We recommend you to gain a basic understanding of Impero first.

You can ★ Get an Overview of Impero with an introductory video covering major functionalities across modules.

Check out instructions to use this channel: ★ Help Yourself with Getting Started.

Now you might be ready to learn about Impero's modules: Key Elements of Impero.

Step 2: Set up risk management and control management

Feel free to choose a way to kick-off that best suits you: Different Ways to Kick-off.

Guide yourself through Set up Risk Management and Set up Control Management.

Step 4: Involve contributors

Done with your initial set-up and want to involve more managers or control responsibles? Learn in Manage Users, Roles and User Groups.

Step 5: Test your initial set-up

Ask your colleagues to test your set-up by sending out controls and inviting them to assess risks. Make sure that everything works as expected. Use feedbacks to further improve your set-up. 😊

Step 6: Create tailored reports

You have collected a first set of control results and are ready for reporting? Check out the different types of reports and how to create here.

Note: Need a more detailed implementation plan to capture all to-dos, responsibles and due dates? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a consultation.

Tip: If you wish to pre-collect all your risks and controls in Excel sheets, contact us so we can provide you with our templates.