Different Ways to Kick-off

Tip: Set up Impero in a way that best meet your priorities! Most Impero modules can be used independently from each other. 😊

Here are some generic scenarios of starting positions. Find the one that is closest to your own scenario and check out our recommendations:


Scenario 1: Your organization operates controls on a regular basis. Your main goal is to automate and improve controls using Impero. You want to see control results and an improvement within few months.

Risks have not been systematically conceptualized yet, which might be a future or long-term project.

➤ Set up Control Management first.


Scenario 2: Your organization has an established risk and control matrix with defined risks and regular control operations. Your main goal is to automate, improve and centralize your RCM as a whole in Impero, which would require a higher commitment.

➤ Set up Risk Management and Control Management simultaneously. 


Scenario 3: Your organization aims to develop or improve your risk and control matrix. It is important for you to systematically conceptualize risks first, and to derive matching control measures based on that. You bring sufficient time and do not expect large numbers of controls executed within a few months.

➤ Set up Risk Management first.


Note: You wish a more detailed consultation on your specific starting position and requirements? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager.