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Overview: How do I create a new control?

A control in Impero helps to give control responsibles clear, step-by-step instructions. With design elements similar to a questionnaire, you can require control answers in a pre-defined format (e.g., Confirmed/Not confirmed) and demand necessary evidences. 

How do I create a new control?

1. Go to "Control Management" image-png-Jun-23-2022-09-05-39-29-AM.

2.  Click on "Create new control" in the upper right corner, as demonstrated below. 

3. You will now be directed to the control design (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Create control.

3. Provide your control with a name, a control description and other details.

4. Set the recurrance, notification dates and other schedule details for the control (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Schedule your control.

5. Go to the assignee section (Figure 3), and add a responsible user to  the control. You can also assign a reviewer and a 2nd reviewer

Figure 3: Assign responsible.

6. Go to the design section (Figure 4), and design your control using one or more tasks. Simply click on the tasks you want to add. 

Figure 4: Design your control with tasks. 

7. Click preview to get a view of the control you have created. 

8. Finish your creation by clicking save.