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How can I add a 4-eyes-review to a control? Assign a 2nd reviewer!

Note: You must assign a responsible before it is possible to assign reviewers! It is optional to assign reviewers. 

How can I assign a 2nd reviewer?

1) Go to the control you wish to assign a reviewer to.

2) Go the “Assign”-section as illustrated below.

Assign roles to control

3) Type in a user or a user group in “Add a responsible” and click on it, as illustrated below: 

4) Assignment details will appear in a pop-up after you have clicked on the selected user. Here you can edit the responsible and add a reviewer as well as a second reviewer to the control. If you wish to add assignment tags, you can also do that here:

How does the reviewing process work?

  1. The first reviewer receives an e-mail that lets the reviewer know that they have been given the reviewing task.
  2. The reviewer can then perform the possible tasks and confirm or reject the control. 
  3. If the reviewer confirms the control, the control will then be sent to the second reviewer if such a role has been selected. If the reviewer rejects the control, the control will then be sent back to the responsible person.
  4. The same process goes for the second reviewer; he/she can either confirm the control or send it back to either the control responsible or the first reviewer.

Tip:  You can require assignees and reviewers to login to the application before completing the control.


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