Add 4-eyes-review to your control (2nd reviewer support)

Assign 2nd reviewer:

To assign a second reviewer to your control, go the section “Assign”. Type in a user or a user group in “Add a responsible”. Assignment details will appear where you can add a responsible, a reviewer and a second reviewer to the control. 

Note: You must assign a responsible before it is possible to assign reviewers

How does it work?

The first reviewer receives an e-mail that lets the reviewer know that they have been given the task. When the control has been completed, the reviewer will be asked to confirm or reject the control. When the review has been completed by the first reviewer, the control will be sent to the second reviewer. If the first reviewer rejects the control, it will return to the responsible. If the control is confirmed, it will be sent to the second reviewer. If the second reviewer rejects the control, he/she can return the control to either the responsible or the first reviewer. It is optional to assign reviewers.

You can require assignees and reviewers to login to the application before completing the control.

Check the box if you want to make sure that your assignees and reviewers are valid users in the application. Assignees and reviewers from outside your organization cannot complete the control when you check this box.