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How can I assign users to a control?

Make responsibilities clear for control performance and the work results traceable.

How can I assign users to a new control?

1. Go to “Control Management” image-png-Jun-23-2022-09-05-39-29-AM in the left menu.

2. Click on “Create new control” in the upper right corner.

How can I assign a responsible user or group?

1. Go to the “Assign” section as illustrated below.

2. Click in the "Add a responsible"-field and enter the user or user group which should be the control responsible. Once you have inserted a responsible, a new window will open on the right side of the screen as seen below.

Here you can add a reviewer and a second reviewer as well as add assignment tags. It is not required to have reviewers or tags for it to function, but it can be helpful in some cases.

Click "Add assignment" once you are finished to save the changes.


How can I add a user that hasn't been created yet?

1. Click in the "Add a responsible"-field and enter any letter, so a dropdown opens. 

2. Click on "Create new user" as seen on below screenshot:

Create new user for a control

3. A new pop-up opens. Here you fill out the blanks with the information of the user. Read more about user creation and roles here. Finish the setup by clicking "Create user".

Note! A control will be inactive until it has been assigned to a user.

Please note that users do not get a new e-mail notification if you edit the control on the same day the control was sent out. If you need to send the control again without changing the due date you must remove the users, save the control, and reassign the users. After reassigning the users, the control will be sent again.

How can I assign a reviewer?

A reviewer receives an e-mail that lets her/him know that they have been given the task of reviewing once the control has been completed by the responsible. 

  1. In order to assign a reviewer, you must assign a responsible first. 
  2. Click then in the "Reviewer"-field and type in a user. The same process goes for the second reviewer if you need a 6-eyes-review. Remember to click "Add assignment" to save the changes.

Add reviewer

Note! It is optional to assign a reviewer.

What else can I do?

  • You can require assignees and reviewers to login to the application before completing the control. Check the box if you want to make sure that your assignees and reviewers are valid users in the application.  Assignees and reviewers from outside your organization cannot complete the control when you check this box.

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