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Improve control quality: How can I add specific tasks to a control?

Achieve the control results in an expected quality and standard by guiding responsibles through a predefined set of questions and tasks.

The control designer is the heart ❤️ of the control . The designer is easy to use and offers you a very flexible way to customize the control using different “task types” - like in a questionnaire.

The different task types are:

  • Text: Ask the assignee to enter a text based on your instructions.
  • Comment field: Ask the assignee to write a comment.
  • Number: Ask the assignee to write a number. The system will validate that a valid number has been entered.
  • Checklist: Create a checklist for the assignee to complete.
  • Radio Buttons: Ask the assignee to provide one answer to a question e.g. yes/no, approved/not approved.
  • Attach file: Provide the assignee with the option of attaching one or more files when completing the control. There is a max file size of 200 MB.
  • Table: You can define titles, columns, and rows on your table when you create the control. After completion, the data in the table can easily be transferred to Excel.
  • Datasheet: Add your predefined datasheet to the control.

For each of the different task types you can choose to add files. These files will show up for the assignee when he or she is performing the control.

The control is simple to adjust, if you find that you have something you want to change.

You can preview your control by clicking on “Preview” to see if your control is working as intended.

Remember to save your work when you are done.

Tip! You can preview your control by clicking on “Preview” to see if your control is working as intended.

How can I add tasks to a new control?

  1. Go to “Control Management”image-png-Jun-23-2022-09-05-39-29-AM in the left menu.
  2. Click on “Create new control” in the upper right corner. For an existing control, open the respective program and the control to be edited.
  3. Go to “Design your control using one or more task(s)” (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Design your control with tasks

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