Assign Tags to Prepare Filterable Content

Set up your tag library

What is a tag?

A control tag serves to

A. Categorize controls by control attributes

B. Tailor reports through filtering data by assigned tags

C. Search for controls by tags in Control Management

Quickstart: Create your tag categories and tags.

  1. Go to "Tags"   in the menu.
  2. Click on "Create new tag category" in the upper right corner, as shown below.

   3. A "New category" window will pop up (Figure 1).

   4. Insert the name of the tag category. 

   5.  Start inserting the tags related to the tag category, by writing the name of the tag and clicking on          "add" or hitting Enter (Figure 1). 

   6. Click on "Create category" to save your work.

Figure 1: Example of creating a new Tag category.

Note! It is not possible to delete a tag and rename an exisisting tag with the same name as used for the deleted tag. To read more about how to manage tags, click here

How can I add tags to a control?

  1. Go to Control Management module . Open a control program and then a control.
  2. Click on "Add tag"   in the Details section.
  3. You can now chose the tag category and the specific tag for your control (Figure 2 & 3).

    Figure 2: Overview of tag categories, when adding tags to a control.

    Figure 3: Tags within a tag category.

Examples of tags:

Tag category (tag attribute 1/ tag attribute 2/ etc.)

  • Control category (Preventive/Detective)
  • Control automation (Manual/Semi-automated/Automated)
  • Control type (Key/Supporting)
  • Control frequency
  • Country
  • Company
  • Region

Check out an extract of a country report created using tags:

Note: You need the role Administrator or a Tag Administrator to create and rename tags. Learn more about roles here.


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