Create new report

An Impero report delivers the key figures about your control performance, such as on-time rate and the number of completed and overdue controls. The on-time rate indicates the percentage of controls completed before the due date. 

To create a new report, click on “Reports” in the menu.

A] Select between:

  1. Standard Report
  2. Task-Based Report
  3. Datasheet Report

Read more about types of reports here.

B] Filter for required data:

Use the filter bar to narrow down control results by Program, User, Group, or Period. Type the name of the Program or select the same from the list provided.

C] Set Date range:

Create and save report formats with dynamic date ranges that can be used as a standard report for all future needs. While saving a report, select save with the Dynamic filter option and set your preferences on the report results.

D] Adjust View:

You can adjust the report to present the exact data needed.

  1. Using the Search bar to change data presented in the graph:

Group by:

  • Control program: Displays the status of all the control programs you have access to
  • Control: Displays the status of all the controls in the control programs you have access to
  • Responsible: Displays the status of responsible for the controls in the control programs you have access to
  • Reviewer: Displays the status of the reviewer for the controls in the control programs you have access to
  • Period: Displays the status grouped by period
  • Tags: Displays the status grouped by tag category

2. Use the “Adjust View” option to change the fields displayed in the pivot table under the graph. You can select/deselect the fields needed to create a precise presentation.

E] Legends and Formatting

  • To change the legends or formatting of the report graph, use the settings icon near the graph.

F] Add Grouping:

  • You can adjust your report as a pivot table by clicking the settings icon next to adjust view below the bar chart.
  • As a standard, the data is grouped by “Program” with no additional groupings. Levels can be added to this grouping by clicking “+ Add”. Adding levels filters down your data into a more meaningful presentation.

Tip: You are now also able to see the on-time rate split by control program, country, entity or each individual by changing the grouping dimension. Understand where additional measures are needed to strengthen awareness or reduce inefficiencies.

  • Content selection:
  1. i) Select what the data will represent using the Dimension option. 
  2. ii) Data in the table can be summarized using the Data summary option.