How can I create a new report?

Automate the creation and delivery of tailored reports with key metrics

An Impero report delivers the key figures about your control performance, such as on-time rate and the number of completed and overdue controls. The on-time rate indicates the percentage of controls completed before the due date. 

How can I create a new report?

1. Click on “Reports” in the menu.

2. Select between:
  • Standard Report
  • Task-Based Report
  • Datasheet Report

Tip! Read more about types of reports here.

How can I filter for required data?

  1. Type the name of the Program or select the same from the list provided.
  2. Use the filter bar to narrow down control results by Program, User, Group, or Period.

How can I set a date range?

Create and save report formats with dynamic date ranges that can be used as a standard report for all future needs.

  1. While saving a report, select save with the Dynamic filter option.
  2. Set your preferences on the report results.

How can I adjust view?

You can adjust the report to present the exact data needed in two different ways:

I. Customize your bar chart 

Group by:

  • Program: Displays the status of all the control programs you have access to
  • Control: Displays the status of all the controls in the control programs you have access to
  • Responsible: Displays the status of res2ponsible for the controls in the control programs you have access to
  • Reviewer: Displays the status of the reviewer for the controls in the control programs you have access to
  • Period: Displays the status grouped by period
  • Tags: Displays the status grouped by tag category

II. Customize your data table

  1. Use the “Adjust View” option to change the fields displayed in the pivot table under the graph. You can select/deselect the fields needed to create a precise presentation.

2. Configure grouping dimensions - such as "Country / Company / Control / Performer" in the screenshot. As a standard, the data is grouped by “Program” with no additional groupings. Levels can be added to this grouping by clicking on “+ Add”. Adding levels filters down your data into a more meaningful presentation.

Tip: You are now also able to see the on-time rate split by control program, country, entity or each individual by changing the grouping dimension. Understand where additional measures are needed to strengthen awareness or reduce inefficiencies.

    How can I change Formatting?

    To change the colors of the bar chart, use the settings icon next to the graph.

    How do I change the column variables in the data table?

    You can use any preferred content dimension to display in the columns of the pivot table. Click on next to "Adjust view". For example, change the default "Status" option into "Control Program" 


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