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Check your control tasks with the preview function

Make sure that the control looks and works exactly as you imagined by using the preview.

The Preview function is the very last step to take before creating your control. You can use the function to ensure that all the tasks are created correctly, so the responsible and the reviewers won't encounter issues when performing their tasks.

You access the preview by clicking the button next to "Create control" as seen on below image:

Preview button


This opens the preview in a new tab. 

In the preview you can test that the task workflow is setup correctly by simply clicking through the tasks as if you were a user who received the control to perform.


Toggle between the different users in the top right corner, and see the preview from their respective angle. When you e.g. click on "Reviewer", you see the exact view that they will have when opening the control.

Note: The following "Submit" section is automatically generated for reviewers and second reviewers, but will not show in the preview. Here, the reviewer has the option to approve the control or return it to the previous user.


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