Version 2.35.0 (27-06-2024): Group members on control submission page


Show group members on control submission and control activity page

When performing or reviewing a control that has been assigned to a user group, it is now possible to see on the control submission page who the group members are by simply hovering over the name of the group. If a default claimant has been defined, this user’s name will be shown first. This feature makes the collaborative structure transparent to all persons involved in a control and facilitates coordination. From an administrative and monitoring perspective, the reviewer is enabled to see the members of a responsible group quickly, so one can take more targeted interventions in addition to a standard rejection in Impero. Further, this feature can be used on the control activity page (Dashboard or control program → View activities → control activity with group) - saving the journey of separately opening User Management.


  • Typo-tolerant search function for tags: This improvement takes typos in consideration when searching for tags. Note: You can apply tags generically on a control, separately on each control assignment (e.g. if a control is sent to different entities/countries) and on each group member in a user group.

  • Support uploading .edoc files
  • Better readability of long file names of attachments

Bug fixes

  • Fixes root issue in datasheet grouping that caused delayed control dispatch
  • Ensures that reviewers can reject a control without answering a mandatory task
  • Removes superfluous reminders sent to assignees
  • Disables copying of control tasks that contain validation errors


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