How do I perform my control?

You can perform the assigned control in two different ways:

Via e-mail notification:
If you are assigned to a control, you receive an email with a link to the control you need to perform.

  1. Click on the control name such as “CM2 - Bank Reconciliation” to perform the control you are assigned to.
  2. Login with your username (e-mail), if login is required.

You do not necessarily need to login to Impero to perform/complete a control. If login is not required, you will access the control directly.

Log into the Impero environment:
If you are assigned to a large number of controls, you may choose to login at Impero to get a complete list of the controls assigned to you. 

Note! This will require a login to Impero.

  1. Login at Impero with the URL (xxx is your organization's name).
  2. Click on “Your pending actions” to get a list presented of controls assigned to you.
  3. Click on the control title to perform the control.

Tip! If the control is on a schedule and you have performed the control before, you can click “View previous” in the upper right corner when performing your control, to see your previous answers for a recurring control. 

Only half-finished the control? You can save the draft without submitting and continue it later.

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