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Correction needed: How can I re-open a completed control?

A completed control can only be reopened in case of an error in the control. Reopening a control can be useful if the control mistakenly has been performed, or you have something you need to change. 

When you reopen a control, the user responsible for the control will receive an email that the control has been reopened and reassigned to him or her. When the control has been completed, the reviewer will receive an e-mail that the control should be reviewed again.

The control will have a log that documents the activities and bundles them together with any comments linked to the control. 

Note! Only the administrator can reopen a completed control.

How can I re-open a completed control?

  1. Click on the title of the program on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on “View activities” in the upper right corner. This will give a view of the activities within that program.
  3. Check the box or boxes of the controls you want to reopen.
  4. Select “Reopen” in the top toolbar.

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