How do I perform reviews on controls?

You can perform the review with an E-mail notification link or by a login at the website.

Tip! Having a reviewer on a control can ensure effective control and monitoring!

Email notification link:
When you are assigned as reviewer on a control, you receive an email once the control has been submitted, that asks you to perform review on the assigned control, before due date (Figure 1).

You do not necessarily need to login to Impero to review a control. If login is not required, you will access the control directly. If login is required, you have to login with your username (e-mail).

Figure 1: E-mail notification to complete review on control.

Login at the website:
If you are assigned to review a large number of controls, you may choose to login at Impero to get a complete list of the controls you are assigned to review. This will require a login to Impero. 

  1. Login at Impero.
  2. Click on “Your pending actions”  to get a list presented of controls assigned to you.
  3. Click on the review title to perform the review.

Completing review:
The tasks are color coded. This means, that the tasks for reviewer will be in the color blue (Figure 2). When performing a review, it is possible to add a file to the review (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Performing review. 

Tip! Only half-finished the control? You can save the draft without submitting and continue later, by clicking "Save draft" in the lower left corner.

Go to the perform review section on the page. When completing your review, you can either approve or reject the control and add a comment. Click on the submit button to either approve or reject the control (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Approve or reject control.

What happens if the reviewer rejects the completed control?

  • If the reviewer rejects the completed control, the assignee will get a notice to perform the control again (Figure 3). 

    Figure 3: E-mail notice that the assignee must perform the control again.

  • The reviewer’s comments and/or added files will be visible to the assignee.
  • When the assignee completes the control again, it is possible for the assignee to provide a comment to the reviewer. 
  • Once the assignee has performed the control again, the reviewer will get a notice to perform review on the control again (Figure 4). All activities are stored in the log of the control. 

Figure 4: E-mail notification to review control again. 

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