Report based on Control Answers

Task-based Report - Know the distribution of answers collected and take interventions

Set up a task-based report 

What is a task-based report? 

With a task-based report, you can gain insights on the distribution of control answers on specific topics, such as, 62 control performers assess a control as effective, whereas 5 assess it as ineffective.

★ You can identify outliers that require addtional attention and follow-up actions.

A task-based report presents submitted answers on single-choice questions in a control, which are called "radio-buttons" in the design section.

You can then indicate a responding action for controls that are assessed as ineffective by renaming it to "Remediation needed", e.g.:

As a result, you will see in the report that, e.g., two controls have been assessed as ineffective and require a remediation.

Quickstart: Create your first task-based report

  1. Go to Reports in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on in the respective section.
  3. Click on   in the upper right corner.
  4. Provide the task mapping with a title, e.g. "Control Effectiveness", and an optional description.
  5. Add classes such as "No action" and "Remediation needed". 
  6. In the "Mappings #1" section, select the question from controls that should be reported, e.g. "Control effectiveness".
  7. In the table below "Map to class", select the class that should be mapped to each answer option, e.g. "No action" for the answer "Effective", and "Remediation needed" for "Ineffective". Save the mapping.
  8. Go back to Reports in the navigation menu. Click on the report name under task-based report. Click on "Save as" and find your report under "My reports" in the Reports module.

Tip on filtering required content:

Use the search bar to narrow down control results by Program, Control, User, Group or Period and also the time filter. Learn more here


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