How can I send automatic recurring reports via email?

Pre-defined reports can now be automatically sent out to various stakeholders on a periodic basis.

Note! To create a push report, you must be either administrator or report manager.

How can I create Push Reports?

  1. Use the “Standard reports” section.
  2. Click “save” in the top right corner.
  3. Once saved, a new window will open.
  4. Click “Push report” in the top right corner and create a push report.

Fill up the details for the report:

  1. Title – will create the name for the report.
  2. Recipient – select stakeholders that would receive the report.
  3. Message – add a personalized message for the recipient. This will form the body of the email along with a standard message from Impero.
  4. Schedule the control as required and click “OK”.

Learn more:

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