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Focused view: How can I set & save filters in control results list?

Gain a quick understanding and actionable overview by displaying, persisting and sharing filtered content.

Why should I filter activities?

Filtering activities can be very useful when control results for audit is needed on specific controls, or if you want a status on specific process areas, controls or regions.

How do I filter my activities?
  1. Click on the title of your program under “Your programs” or go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on “View activities” in the upper right corner to view control results.
  3. Click “Adjust view” in the top toolbar to filter on all certain information columns, i.e., control name, responsible, reviewer, status etc.
  4. Add one or several term(s) in the search bar above. 

Tip on saving and sharing filtered content: Once you have set up the filters, they will remain unless you change them again - even when re-entering the activity list. 

Guide your co-workers, stakeholders or auditors to focus on relevant content using the Shared Link. They will see the same content that you have filtered out.

Note: The results can then be exported as a .xlsx file.


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