Your pending actions

Too much to do?? Staying on top of everything has never been easier!!

Our “Pending Actions” view lets you track everything you need to do, with due dates and direct links to complete all related steps as well as save all relevant files – all in a matter of minutes.

From the dashboard, click on the “Your Pending Actions” tab to get a list of controls assigned to you. Click on the control title to complete the task and save documents.

Filter your list:

The filter function helps you narrow down your list based on various factors such as

Action                 By action to be performed based on if you are direct responsible or are a reviewer

Control               Control Title, Control Program

Claimant            Where controls are assigned to a group and are claimed by a claimant (please see User Groups for more details)

Due                     Time left to complete the control

Clicking on any of the table heads sorts the data in an ascending or descending order alternatively.

To filter, simply start typing data into the search bar.