Create new user

To create a new user, click on “User management” in the menu. Then click on “Create user” in the upper right corner and fill out the user details in the form.

Users are created using an e-mail address.

If the user is already created in the user list, and you want to grant the user an Impero login, click on the specified user and click “Send invite” in the upper right corner. You can perform controls without being granted login to Impero, as long as you have been created as a user.

Users outside your organization can also be created and used for assigning controls or granted access to one or more programs. You can provide an auditor access to Impero, only granting reading access to relevant programs or a specific control.

All users created can be assigned to controls, but in order to get login access, you will need to be invited. To invite users, you need to be user administrator. The role can be given to you by another user with this role.