What is Control Management?

The Control Management module facilitates your control operations including automating recurring controls, managing deadlines and designing high-quality controls in a time-saving manner.

An example for a control program (or a folder of controls):

Automated control scheduling

A recurring control, e.g. a monthly bank reconciliation, set up in Impero will be sent out automatically to the responsible person as well as selected reviewers without manual update. The recurrence of the control can be set on different intervals and for selected periods, and it is possible to choose up to two reviewers on each control.

Structured control design

A control in Impero helps to give control responsibles and reviewers clear, step-by-step instructions. With design elements similar to a questionnaire, you can require control answers in a pre-defined format (e.g., Confirmed/Not confirmed) and demand necessary evidences

Control administration and monitoring

You will have the performance status and control results documented in a consolidated list where you can follow up data in real-time and also take interventions, such as sending out reminders.

For multiple process areas or subsidiaries, you can ensure with "control programs" that only certain administrators can arrange changes. Also, you will profit from the high scalability, as controls are easily multiplied.

Finally, you can retrieve control results in a preferred way and therefore create tailored reports.


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