Give your control more details

The control details consist of the name and description of the control, as well as the program to which the control is assigned and assigned Tags. By giving a control a detailed description you make sure that the control responsible knows the context of a specific control. The assignee of a control will see the control details when viewing the control.

To create a new control, go to “Control Management” in the left menu. Click on “Create new control” in the upper right corner.

Provide your control with the relevant details. Provide title, description, and add the control to an existing program or create a new program. Providing a description is optional, but it can be a good idea to make sure the control is sufficiently described.

An example of control details

Both title and description will be visible to the assignee when completing the control, but the assignee will not be able to see which program it is added to. The name of the responsible will occur on the assignee’s notification mail, as the name of the control the assignee is asked to complete.

To add an assignee, start typing the name of the assignee in “Assign Responsible”. If you want to assign a reviewer, start typing the name of the reviewer in “Assign Reviewer”.