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How can I format text in control descriptions and free fields?

Highlight most important information to your audience!

If you want some of the text in the control description, control task instructions or risk descriptions to have either bold or/and italic typography, you can use following syntax:

For bold text: **Insert your text here**

For italic text: *Insert your text here*

For bold and italic text: ***Insert your text here***

You can see what the different text formats looks like in the picture below:

If you want to make a list within your description you can type in 3 spaces before the "-" in the listed items. E.g. 

1. Control description
(Three spaces here) -  Text

(Three spaces here) -  Text

2. Control description
(Three spaces here) -  Text

(Three spaces here) -  Text

Above will look like the below example in your control description:

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