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How can I mass-update details in multiple controls?

How can I change the details in one or multiple controls? 

1) Go to “Control Management” image-png-Jun-23-2022-09-05-39-29-AM in the menu.

2) Click in the navigation on the left on "all" or a specific type of controls, e.g. "monthly".

Find the control in which you want to change the details. You can use the search field in the top, e.g. to enter a program or control name.

3) Tick the box of the controls to be updated.

4) Click “Change details”  in the top.

Which details can I change?

  • Name
  • Control program
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Login requirements


When selecting several controls and updating the tags, a tick symbol means that all selected controls are assigned a specific tag. An angular point means that the tag is assigned to some of the selected controls.

Remember to confirm changes with . 😊


Login requirements

One of the controls require login:

All selected controls require login:

None of the selected controls require login:

NB! If you change several controls at once, the change(s) applies to all selected controls.


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