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Deploying Your Power BI Report with the Impero Power BI Connector

In the critical arena of compliance management, ensuring access to the latest compliance data is paramount. The Impero Power BI Connector is designed to facilitate this need, offering an automated solution for maintaining the accuracy of your compliance data within Power BI reports. This guide emphasizes using Power BI Services with the Impero Power BI Connector to streamline the deployment and sharing of compliance data across your organization. 

Decision 1: Selecting the Distribution Channel 

Your first step involves deciding whether to use Power BI Services to share your reports. Power BI Services facilitate the dissemination of compliance reports and data within your organization securely, without users requiring direct access to Impero. Note that access to Power BI Services and a valid Power BI license are prerequisites for each user. 

If your reporting needs are personal, and organizational sharing isn't required, you can continue using Power BI Desktop with the Impero Power BI Connector installed. 

For those who need to distribute Impero compliance reports organization-wide, proceed to the subsequent decision point. 

Decision 2: Data Refresh Strategy 

Upon opting for Power BI Services, determine your data update strategy. Power BI Services offers a scheduled refresh feature, allowing you to define automatic data refresh intervals for your reports. 

For scenarios where automatic refreshes from Impero are not necessary, manual updates can be pushed from Power BI Desktop as needed. 

Should you require automated data synchronization, assess your setup regarding the Power BI Gateway in the following step. 

Decision 3: Power BI Gateway Configuration 

The Power BI Gateway is crucial for automatic updates, serving as a bridge between your on-premises data and Power BI Services online. Familiarize yourself with Power BI Gateways.

Lacking a Power BI Gateway requires installation within your IT infrastructure by your IT department, followed by a connection setup with Power BI Services. 

If a Power BI Gateway is already in operation, proceed to install the Impero Power BI Connector in the gateway. 

Integration: Setting Up the Impero Power BI Connector 

With the Gateway operational, the Impero Power BI Connector can be set up as follows: 

  1. Download the Connector: Obtain the latest version of the Impero Power BI Connector
  2. Install the Connector: Copy the Connector into the Custom Connector folder within the Power BI Gateway. Microsoft’s guide can be found here.
  3. Publish Your Report: If not already done, upload your Power BI Report to Power BI Services.
  4. Configure Data Source and Schedule Refreshes: On Power BI Services, configure your report to use the Power BI Gateway where the Impero Connector was installed. It involves syncing the Power BI service's data source settings with your Gateway configuration. Power BI Services allow you to tailor the data refresh frequency and timing. Consult Microsoft’s tutorial for detailed instructions. 

Following this approach, you can easily share Power BI reports with Impero data across your organization with minimal manual oversight. Streamlining your compliance reporting process enhances efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making within your organization.