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How can I save filters in control overview?

You can apply filters in your control overview to customize your overview. The filtering is saved, which means that when you access your control overview again, the same filtering will appear. 

How do I apply filters?

  1. Go to "Control Management" image-png-Jun-23-2022-09-05-39-29-AM in the menu.
  2. Select a category of controls (All, Weekly, Monthly, 2 months, Quarterly, Every half year, Yearly or Manual).
  3. Enter terms in the search bar above to filter data.
  4. Click on "Adjust View" in the right corner to show/hide data.

Note! Once you have adjusted the view or filtered the control(s) with terms, it will automatically be saved on the control activities page. 

How can I share my control overview containing my filters?

1) Click on "Copy Link" in the top.

2) Copy the link to share your control overview with the applied filters with others. 

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