Version 2.23.0 (21-07-2022)

In this release we have rolled out the following:

  • On the user profile you can now see which risk directories and risk entities the user is linked to. This view allows you to replace and remove the user, when your colleague leaves the company or changes role.
  • The user management table shows the number of control and risk management assignments that each user has directly on the user list, without having to click on the single user profile. The specific numbers are: Groups, Director Control Assignments, Programs, Pending Activities, Reports, Risk Directories and Entities.
  • On a risk map page, you can now select multiple risk assessments at a time – for example all the risk assessment in a given subsidiary - and mark them as unassessed in bulk, for example when you want to kick off a yearly or biyearly review of your risk exposure. In the same way you can select multiple risk assessments and complete them in a click. The risk assessments will then be locked and show the name of the person who have completed the assessment, as you would when completing the assessment singularly.
  • Better warning when submitting a datasheet with missing compulsory fields or wrong format – you are now guided directly to those fields.
  • The interface to select tags on control program and control level has been changed. Tag categories are now collapsed as default and long tags are now shown in their entirety without the need to hoover over with your mouse.
  • You can now hide inactive control programs from your dashboard. Click on ‘Filter’ and you will see an option to ‘Hide inactive control programmes’. Your choice will be saved even in case you log out and return to the page after some time.
  • You can now populate data into your datasheets programmatically by integrating with our API instead of doing it manually. You can read more about our APIs here: Datasheet API - Integrations - Help Center.
  • The risk activity log now shows the mitigating controls linked to the risk with date and name. As with the rest of the activity log, only data from 1st January 2022 onwards is shown.