Version 2.22.0 (26-05-2022)

In this release we have rolled out the following:

  • Easily identify which entities have pending risk assessments: we are now providing an overview of the entities which are carrying out risk assessments and visualizing where they are in the process. Global risk managers can see the percentage of completion of a given risk directory and drill down to the entity level to see the ones halting back.
  • Easily identify which risks have not been assessed: when looking at a risk map, you can easily spot the risks which are not marked as concluded and concentrate on the unfinished ones: A tick mark will show you if the risk assessment is concluded or not and you can also filter to show only the un-assessed risks.
  • Exporting control activity data via API for reporting in your preferred business intelligence tool: you can now integrate with Impero and fetch data programmatically for you to report in your preferred business intelligence tool. You can read more about that here: Integrations - Help Center (
  • Reporting in Microsoft Power BI: we have created a data model template specifically for Microsoft Power BI™ to ease consuming the Impero data via API. A Power BI connector let you export the raw data in a report-ready structure thereby diminishing the need to manipulate the raw data and your dependence on your IT department. Read how to use the Power BI connector here: How Do I Connect Impero to Power BI?
  • Better notification flow when working with groups: When a group member has performed a control or a review, we will now redirect all the notifications to this person and not to the entire group to avoid over-communication.
  • You can now create reports focused on the default claimant within user groups so you can keep track of their workload and performance.
  • You can now create a control where the responsible’s due date is more than 30 days before the due control date.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to create Controls with due dates in the past.