How can I give feedback to the control performer after finished review?

As a reviewer you can choose to notify the responsible control performer upon completion.

How can I send an email notification to a control performer?
Check "Notify responsible of your review approval" (Figure 1) when reviewing a control.

Tip! This feature enables the performer to know when the review of their controls is completed.

As a reviewer you can approve a control and still give feedback to the control performer. To add a review comment check "Include review comment in notification" (Figure 1) when reviewing the control.

Figure 1: Notify responsible of your review approval and include review comment in notification. 

Notify first reviewer:
The first reviewer can be notified as well in case of 4-eyes review. To notify the first reviewer check "Notify first reviewer of your review approval" (Figure 2) when reviewing the control. 

Figure 2: Notify first reviewer in a 4-eyes review.

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