How do I change scheduling on my controls?

To change the scheduling of your controls go to “Control Management” in the menu. Click on one of the following categories on the left: Weekly, Monthly, 2 months, Quarterly, Every healf year, Yearly, Manuel.

Tick the control you want to change and click “Modify schedule” in the top. You can change:

  • Interval
  • Starting from
  • Due date
  • Time
  • Notification
  • Responsible's due date
  • Custom due dates
  • Period
  • Reminders

If parts of your selection has different values it would state "Multiple values". To align across your entire selection, change to the desired value and click "Apply to all".

If "Responsible's due date" and "Schedule all periods" has the same values across your entire selection, it will be marked with a tick mark. If it only applies to a subset of the selection they will be marked with a green square. 

Bulk updates
You can change the scheduling of several controls at once. Simply tick the controls you want to change. 

NB! If you change several controls at once, the changed scheduling applies to all selected controls.