Can I amend a control after it has been completed?

You want to change the design of a control that has been already sent out or completed by the responsible?

To ensure audit trail, you cannot amend a control that has been sent out to and/or submitted by the responsible. However, you can archive the respective control assignment ( = the control that has been sent out), change the control design and resend the control. 

1. Go to Dashboard and click on "View Activities" on the top right.

2. Apply the correct time filter on the top right. Enter the name of the control in the search bar and find the correct control assignment with the corresponding responsible and period. 

3. Tick-mark the control assignment and click on "Archive" in the middle. Optionally, you can add a comment about why the control is archived.

4. Go to Control Management. Open the respective control program and then the affected control. 

5. Arrange changes on the control as required.

Cautious: If you want to resend the control for the same period as the control that had been sent out previously, you need to change the due date by 1 minute. In this way, Impero will recognize it as a new control assignment and delivers it to the responsible another time.

In the Schedule section, click on "Edit time" below Due Date. 

E.g. Change the time from 23:59 (default) to 23:58.

6. After finishing changes in the control, scroll down to click on "Update Control". 

You should see a confirmation message as below. If the notification date is in the past, you will see a number of controls that is larger than 0 - depending on the number of responsibles. Click on "Save" to send out the control immediately.