Access and assignments

First, it is important to note that you must be User Administrator in order to access the Access and Assignment section within Impero.

Click "User management" in the menu and select the user you for which you wish to see the accesses and assignments. Within this menu, you can view the user's assigned groups, controls where the user is either assigned as responsible or reviewer, which programs the user has access to and finally you can get a risk entity overview.


Click "Groups" in the menu to see all groups the user is a member of. If a group is assigned to any controls, you can click "+" to see the name of the controls.

It is possible to either replace or remove the user from the user groups.

Direct control assignments:

Click "Direct control assignments" in the menu to view the controls the user is either responsible for or reviewer of. You can see how the controls are designed by clicking on the title of the control or jump directly to the control program by clicking on the title of the program. 

If the user is tagged with any user specific tags, it is possible to view them in the tags column. Hover over the categories to see all tags.

You can also either replace or remove the user from the controls. The replaced user will inherit all tags from the previous user once replaced.


Click "Programs" in the menu to view the programs the user has an edit or view access to. You can see details of the control program by clicking on the title, the type of access rights, whether or not the program is active, and which tags there has been used on the program.

Pending activities:

Click "Pending activities" to view the activities the user is assigned to either directly or via groups. You can see which control program the activity is related to, the due date and which role the user is assigned as.


Click "Reports" to get an overview of the reports the user has created and the push reports the user either has created or recieved. 

Risk management:

Click "Risk management" to get a risk entity overview. You can view which entities and risk directories the user has access to and which access rights the user is granted. To update the access right simply click on the name of the entity or the title of the risk directory and change