Version 2.12.0 (21-01-2021)

User management, Access rights, and UI improvements


  • User module phase 3
    • Add the ability for user administrators to view control results assigned to a particular user
    • Add the ability for user administrators to reassign control results
  • User module phase 4
    • New user list screen - this screen is now restricted to organization administrators, user administrators and user creators (user creators will not be able to see other user's roles)
    • New user group list screen (which adds an export feature). It has the same access restrictions as the user list screen
  • Admin rights: addition of a new access right called "Admin", which is equivalent to the old "Edit/View". The "Edit/View" access right will no longer let users grant access to a given resource to other users (users will need "Admin" for this). This affects the following resources:
    • Control programs
    • Risk directories
    • Entities
    • Classifications
    • Saved reports
  • New svg icons
  • French translation


  • Fix an issue where filters on local risks were not working as expected
  • Display a nice-looking 404 when accessing an organization which does not exist
  • Improve German localization
  • Use the same confirmation dialogs for deleting risk directories and entities