Version 2.7.0 (18-03-20)

With the release we are adding cool new features to existing modules, creating an even more intuitive user interface, giving you an enhanced user flow, and bringing you an overall smoother look and feel.

Features and changes

  • Introducing the application bar
  • Added links to the new profile page
  • Improved the push report email
  • Added reviewer comments when exporting control results to Excel
  • Added tags to the "Adjust view" menu of the zoomed report
  • Improved the change password action by turning it into a dialog
  • Added a warning when deleting a non-linked data sheet
  • Changed user lookup to be case-insensitive
  • Added a way to extend text area fields


  • Added a horizontal scrollbar if needed
  • Fixed an issue with double scrollbars
  • Fixed a broken link in the push report page when not logged in
  • Fixed issue with captcha when entering the wrong password in the change password page