Version 2.34.5 (12-06-2024)


Extension to Risk Map Export: It is now possible to export risk map data including risk coverage. Previously, you have been able to indicate the percentage of risk coverage for each control that is assigned to a specific risk. It serves to assess to what extent a control is expected to mitigate the respective risk. With the extension to the export, you are now able to conduct further analysis and especially aggregation in Excel or other systems. As a quantification attempt, it can help strengthen the overall conclusiveness of mitigation effectiveness at different organizational levels (such as per entity, consolidated or in comparison) - building an actionable insight for optimization. Further, it contributes to the completeness of extracted datasets that has been required by customers in data backup or transfer processes.

Improvement / Bugfixes

  • Improved journey: after saving or updating a control, users are redirected to the position on the control program page where the edited control is located.
  • Fixed search function in risk maps to support exact match, e.g. when several risks carry similar titles like IDs/numbers, the exact match is shown first in the dropdown list.
  • Fixed inactive program ensuring no controls can be sent out.
  • Removal seconds in payload