Version 2.34.0 (28-04-2024)


  • Enable time allocation to responsible, reviewer and second reviewer
  • Add timeline preview
  • Improve usability of "customize schedule"
  • Enable export of number of allocated days for responsible, reviewer and second reviewer
  • Update report and activity list to handle different dates of the second reviewer
  • Enhance multiple reminders before and after due date
  • Enable bulk-scheduling for the set-up of Scheduling and Planning

Task builder

  • Support creating and submitting reviewer tasks
  • Add task types Heading and Dropdown in task builder
  • Migrate Radio-buttons and Checkboxes without answer options to Headings
  • Update copying task in task builder


  • Support creating tags and assigning all tags of a category in control editor
  • Support exporting control results with reviewer tasks
  • Add logs of Planning section into event log

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that risk map does not refresh after changes are made to assigned entities.
  • It is possible to remove all admins from control programs.
  • It is possible to remove a user who is responsible for a push report.
  • Fixed error in scheduler with timezone America/Godthab.
  • Fixed that dropdown content is too narrow.