Version 2.24.0 (05-09-2022)

In this release we have rolled out the following:

  • You can now trigger a control via API – this can be useful if you want to integrate  You can read more about our APIs in general and regarding this specific API here.
  • User Group setting - Default assignment as Group not as Individual
  • Hide the "manage tags" button if user does not have the tag admin role
  • Export from User List now includes include the new column added in the former release with nr. of groups, nr. of assignments, nr. of risk assessments, etc.
  • Include risk assessment completion data in export
  • Exports to excel now show time in a 24h format
  • Strengthened confirmation of program deletion to avoid unwanted deletions
  • Upload of MP4 files (audio) as documentation to a control is now allowed
  • You can now search and filter the risk directories page to find a specific entity across multiple risk directories