Version 2.21.0 (10-04-2022)

In this release we have rolled out functionality to improve both the risk and control management modules. We have also solved many bugs.

Specifically, we have rolled out the following:

  • You can now access the full audit trail of changes to a single risk assessment (the ‘Activity Log’). The trail is a time-stamped record of all changes to the risk assessment. You can access the Activity Log from a tab on the single risk assessment, when you open it from the Historical Data page.
  • You can now finalize a risk assessment by clicking on ‘Mark as Assessed’. This enables you to differentiate between work-in-progress versions and more official version. Once a risk is marked as assessed you will see a time stamped record with the name of the person who signed off on the risk assessment. Also, the risk assessment will be locked for further editing until unticked.
  • You can now launch a dataset into full screen. This will show both more columns and more rows and is meant to facilitate working with large datasets. Even if the datasheet is not launched full screen, it is easier to work with datasheets, as the header and footer are sticky, much as what you know as ‘freezing’ rows from MS Excel.
  • When exporting the Control Overview, we now export the linked Local Risks also (in addition to Global Risks)
  • When a control assigned to a group is re-opened, we now only notify the performer of the control and not the entire group, in order to make notifications more targeted.

We have also solved the following bugs:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the export of the Dashboard when a risk directory is missing a responsible
  • Fixed data export for large organizations with very large amount of data
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong results to be shown on the Activity List when the results are accessed from the status report
  • Fixed a bug with reassigning when a final reviewer is assigned to review the work of multiple responsibles
  • Fixed a bug showing the same covered period multiple times in push reports
  • Fixed a bug in the Event Log which showed the incorrect person linked to the deletion of a user
  • Fixed issue with reports showing multiple pending control assignments – one per Group member - even when the control is assigned a single time to a Group as a whole.