Version 2.18.0 (26-10-2021)

In the latest release we have focused on rolling out quite a few smaller features that improve the ease of administration of the Impero platform. We have also fixed minor bugs.

Specifically, we have rolled out the following:

  • When users receive an email in a specific language, the links contained in the email are now directed to the corresponding specific language in the Impero platform, even when a user accesses the control without logging in. Previously, in order to figure out the user’s preferred language, Impero relied on the user’s browser settings, but when the user was not authenticated it resulted in users seeing Impero in the default language instead of in their preferred language.
  • We have added information about 4-eyes reviewer (Reviewer and Second Reviewer) in the control program data export, the control results data export and the data sheet report.
  • We are introducing a warning to Control Managers if they try to remove the last user of a user group assigned to perform a control to prevent having a control assigned to an empty group.
  • Improved scrolling for very wide data sheets.
  • We are forcing stronger password standards, when users choose their own password.


  • We fixed a bug showing the wrong results when filtering a Data Sheet.
  • We fixed a bug sending password reset emails to inactive users. Inactive users will no longer receive those emails.
  • Under User Management, we fixed a bug not showing Reviewers the tags related to the controls they are reviewers for.
  • Long text in pop-ups that were not showing properly.
  • We are now correctly removing the link between a risk and a control when users change risk settings.


A note for those of you still using Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft is ending support of IE11 on 17 August 2021. We have decided to follow suit and will be ending support for IE11 by 31st December 2021. Impero will continue to run on IE11, but fixes specific to IE11 will no longer be prioritized. 

Please click here for more information about browser support and technical requirements.