Version 2.17.0 (23-09-2021)

In this release, we are rolling out some new features that enable users to create even more risk-based control flows and also be more efficient in the administration of the Impero Platform. We also have fixed minor bugs.  Specifically, we have rolled out the following:

  • The possibility to create controls with two reviewers. This will allow you to add one additional reviewer to a control (formerly you could add 1 reviewer only). The use of this feature follows the logic you know from the Control Review feature. Typically you would use this feature for additional assurance on critical controls or when the controlled transactions/processes/entities are at very high risk.
  • Bulk Updates of controls – you can now select multiple controls at the time and make bulk changes to control description, name, tags and whether control performers and reviewers are required to login or not.
  • Stricter Single-Sign-On protocols to minimize the risk of compromise during the login flow.
  • Performance improvements on the ‘View activities’ page and when creating reports
  • Performance improvements in the risk module on the Risk Directories and the Risk Map pages.
  • More in-app information on the control creation page – we have introduced more information on specific features on the control creation page. When you see the small ‘i’ icon you can hoover over and a small box containing information will appear.
  • We changed the design used when assigning Control Performer or Reviewer to a control. A separate pop-up will now open up to ease the choice of the given person or Group of persons as well as the choice of applicable tags.


  • Small sidebar design improvements to avoid long text tags being cut off.
  • Fixing design on the Dashboard page.
  • Fixing design issues with tables where rows were not aligned
  • When exporting to excel, data is now correctly exported as numbers and not as generic values.