Version 2.15.0 (20-05-2021)

This release introduces the new user group creation/edition system and adds a new screen displaying all controls available to the current user. Additionally, this release features large performance improvements when displaying large risk maps.


  • Fixes an error when displaying a control result including a data sheet task whose grouping columns have been changed
  • Fixes an error when accessing the email settings from the reviewer's email
  • Fixes an error displayed when requests take a long time to respond
  • Fixes an issue with push reports not being sent


  • Improves performance across the board by essentially removing the high CPU load of the database caused by the reminders
  • Disables TLS < 1.2 support
  • Added an NPM repository (also 15860)
  • Use DTOs and auto-generated APIs in some control and control program tags endpoints
  • Dependency updates
  • Moves away from PhantomJS for legacy testing (no longer supported and doesn't work on M1 Macs)
  • Fixes the signature of SVGs
  • Fixes an issue in yarn.lock
  • Adds a mailcatcher for local development
  • Uses the validator/applier pattern when creating a risk directory node
  • Remove unused locize keys
  • Fixes an issue with the blob backup system not restarting after reboot
  • Adds tools to create large risk directories and bulk create entities