Version 2.14.0 (30-03-2021)

This release introduces the new control module (the phase 1 is now available, and most of phase 2 is implemented). The user module phase 5, which deals with reassigning report responsibles and subscribers, is also part of the release.


  • Fixes an issue in the scheduler where control results were either not sent or sent too early
  • Fixes an issue with a missing translation in a notification
  • Fixes a number of papercuts


  • Dependency updates (y18n)
  • Add an audit tool for dotnet
  • Add a constraint for ensuring better data integrity for risk directories
  • Remove data from a Bitbucket cache
  • Bump NodeJS version
  • Update the Docker image to work on Mac
  • Add auto generated APIs (not complete)
  • Add a Storybook on Github (not complete)
  • Add a backup system for blobs (not complete)