Version 2.13.0 (26-02-2021)


  • Adds an option to disable the live link in control activity data sheet tasks
  • Changes the previous behaviour, where removing all rows of a grouping in a datasheet would remove the tasks using the grouping from all controls. Tasks are still removed if the datasheet itself is deleted


  • Fixes an error when copying a control program without a responsible
  • Fixes an issue where email settings were not honored when reminding a user of multiple control activities
  • Fixes an issue where email settings were not honored when reassigning multiple control activities to the same user
  • Fixes an issue where users without the tag administrator role could edit the tags structure
  • Fixes an issue with duplicate control activities listed in the zoomed version of the report
  • Fixes an error during slow files upload


  • Ports the old .NET MVC code to .NET Core and makes it run on Linux
  • Adds a web application firewall in front
  • Adds control module phase 1, a read-only screen with the list of control programs available to the user. Not linked in the main menu until control module phase 2 is complete
  • Uses expiry for cache keys
  • Reduces the level of logging for the OpenID claims check
  • Adds typesafe async validators
  • Uses async validators where necessary
  • Bumps hyper for security reasons
  • Treats cargo-audit warnings
  • Moves from ws to parity-ws
  • Adds advanced threat detection to the database
  • Moves Redis to premium and puts it in the private event
  • Fixes Docker security issue