Want to submit ideas or feedback for the Impero product?

Share your experiences and needs with Impero to co-engage for a better product.

Looking for engagement as a customer or partner? 

You have made some experiences with using the Impero platform. There are functionalities that you have been missing or you simply wish certain improvements? Share with us your ideas and feedback so we can better understand your needs and have the chance to take them into consideration. Your feedback is invaluable for us to develop a product that you love. We appreciate your time for engaging with us.

Friendly note: Certainly, we are also happy to take praise and learn about your good experiences! 😊 Please use the feedback form for this purpose.

You want to submit a feature idea? 

  1. Go to Impero Idea Portal via https://impero.airfocus.site/idea.
  2. Click on .
  3. Complete the questionnaire by describing your needs and use cases as well as reflecting the impact of a potential improvement.
  4. Share your contact details so we can inform you about updates related to your idea.

You want to submit a feedback in general

  1. Go to Impero Idea Portal and enter the feedback section via https://impero.airfocus.site/feedback.
  2. Click on   and complete the short questionnaire.

Tip: In case you face any problem when using the platform such as an error/a bug, or you need guidance on how to use Impero, please kindly contact our Support experts via support@impero.com or submit a support ticket here. Thank you for considerations. 😊

What happens to submitted ideas or feedback?

Our Product Management team reviews your ideas and feedback on a continuous basis by going through the following steps of an evaluation cycle. A confirmation in the prior step will initiate following. Otherwise, the evaluation cycle is ceased.

  • Review if the idea is in line with our broader initiatives and product streams
  • Decide if the idea will be evaluated as a part of the product stream "Customer Requests" or another stream
  • Evaluate the proposed improvement using a consistent framework, i.e. based on Value and Effort
  • Prioritize ideas for more in-depth discovery processes such as specifying requirements, costs and ideating solutions
  • Decide if the idea will be included in our roadmap and delivered it to our customers

Regardless of considerations for our roadmap, we generate insights for our Customer Success and other teams to better support you such as improving our onboarding program, training materials or regular product updates - so you can create more values with Impero.

Note: In 2024, we are focussing our resources on two major functionalities - the Reviewer Tasks and the Control Testing module - aiming at significant extensions to your current control frameworks. Read more here. In the meantime, we want to attentively listen to our customers' needs and adapt smaller improvements to help you succeed in your daily work.

When will you hear back from us?

You can expect to hear back from us on the following occasions:

After you submit an idea, we will contact you to confirm that we have received your valuable input. We will give you a feedback on our initial assessment in regards to whether your idea is in line with our broader product initiatives. We might have some clarification questions to make sure we understand your idea correctly. If possible, we will also share with you whether we have received this or a similar idea before from other customers. In addition, we will provide you with suggestions for how to address your needs using the existing features.

It is important for us that each of your ideas and feedback is reviewed carefully based on a consistent approach. In case your or a similar idea is implemented as an additional feature or a change to existing ones, of which you can benefit from, we will inform you about these additions after they are released.

Note: Any questions to the described process above or your submitted feedback? Please reach out to support@impero.com. We are happy to provide you with more details.