Release Highlights: Reviewer Tasks & Enhanced Control Setup

We're excited to introduce the newest features released on April 28, 2024, enhancing the Control Management module in four key areas: Reviewer Tasks, Reminders, Scheduling, and Tags. This update brings significant improvements to the Control Editor, making control creation and updates smoother, helping you streamline processes with an optimized interface design. 

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Release Highlights

🔎  Reviewer Tasks

What's New? In the Control Editor, users can now create specific tasks for not only for responsibles, but also for reviewers and second reviewers, streamlining the review process. Tasks range from radio buttons to comments, ensuring consistency and clarity in review procedures. 

💪  Addressing Challenges: Previously, insufficiently defined procedures made it difficult for auditors and compliance officers to assess the review quality. With Reviewer Tasks, organizations can make standard criteria mandatory, strengthening the review and therefore control effectiveness. 

👩‍💻  Example Use Cases

  • Strengthening Internal Control Structure: Reviewer Tasks facilitate compliance with regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, improving the effectiveness of internal control structures. By standardizing review designs, organizations can systematically detect deficiencies and improve risk mitigation.
  • Collaborative Internal Controls: Reviewer Tasks strengthen cross-functional collaboration, facilitating tasks in multiple steps and reducing administrative burdens. This capability streamlines processes, connecting departments seamlessly for more efficient control management.
  • Foreign Tax Declarations: For organizations centralizing tax management efforts, Reviewer Tasks ensure efficient coordination and quality assurance in local tax processes. This feature enhances confidence in local enforcement, reducing compliance risks. 

🔔  Flexible Reminders

Our update allows users to send an unlimited number of scheduled reminders tailored to control requirements, improving performance and reducing administrative efforts. 

🗓️  Scheduling and Planning 

With separate due dates and intuitive time allocation widgets, administrators can optimize processing time and monitor workflows in a targeted manner. 

✏️  Control and Assignment Tags  

The new tag widget simplifies tag management, allowing users to create tags directly within the Control Editor. Bulk assignment of a tag category speeds up the set-up. 


Want a short in-app demo? Log into Impero and click on "Create new control". To restart the demo, click on "Create new control" and then on the  button in the navigation menu - then open "Guides".

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