Redesigned control experience and optimized design - Release 2.16.0 (07-07-2021)

A better utilization of large screens, redesigned the way you perform a control and sending out push reports based on business days

Unifying-designOptimized screen space

At Impero we always strive do provide the best user experience across our application and to do just that, we have greatly improved the width used on many of our pages. 
This means that especially on larger monitors you can now see more data than ever and get an even better overview of what’s going on

Unifying design2
Performing controls just got easier

Over time the page where you perform controls has been populated with a lot of information, and we decided it was time to re-organize all that information in a better way.  You now get a better overview of all the details and the process the control goes thru. 

Send push reports based on Business Days

We know many of you requested this feature and we are happy to announce that you can now send out push reports based on business days and set the time of sending.