Incident on September 30, 2021

What happened?

On Thursday, 30 September, we experienced an outage of the Impero platform. The outage lasted from 16:06 until 23:32 CET and impacted all customers of Impero. The incident resulted in users receiving an error message sayings "502 Bad Gateway" when trying to access Impero.

Why did it happen?

The root cause of the issue lies in the Azure Application Gateway service on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The gateway could not verify the certificates used behind the gateway and thereby failed to forward traffic to the Impero platform. The issues were caused due to a Microsoft issue with an unmaintained list of root certificates used for validating digital certificates.

How did we address the incident?

Once we discovered the root cause, we immediately contacted Microsoft to remediate the problem. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and working on a fix. As part of our disaster recovery process, we implemented a workaround so that all users could continue working on the platform. Once Microsoft has addressed the root cause, we will revert the workaround.