Version 2.19.0 (14-12-2021)

In this release we have focused on improving the control management module and we also have fixed minor bugs. 

Specifically, we have rolled out the following: 

  • On the Controls page, we have split the controls by scheduling type, so that controls are grouped by their recurrence - Weekly, Monthly, 2 Months, Quarterly, etc. This allows you to get a better overview of your control environment’s roll out and the workload on your organization. Each view – Weekly, Monthly, etc. – displays information specific to the chosen recurrency period, e.g. whether the Monthly control is scheduled each month or only some months. It also displays when email reminders to the control assignees will be delivered.  
  • Improved the reporting functionality by allowing more flexibility when saving the period covered by a report. When previously users could select that a report cover a single month, quarter, etc., now they will be able to select multiple instances of the period. For example, users will be able to save a report covering the control workload of the next rolling 2 months instead of only the next month.  
  • When granting users the access to part of the platform (e.g. Control Programs, Risk Entities, etc.) we have set the default permission to View instead of Edit. This is done in order to strengthen the least privileged access principle on Impero and following multiple requests from our customers.  
  • We are displaying information about the Time Zone when showing the deadline for a control, in order to avoid misunderstanding if the Control Admin and assignee are in different time-zones. 


    • Fixed an error when reassigning a Second Reviewer in the midst of a control execution. 
    • Fixed a bug breaking the control program export, when the export included risk with certain parameters. 
    • Fixed a bug removing risk responses/controls linked to risks when amending the risk assessment. 
    • Fixes an issue where exporting controls were sometimes exported in the wrong language. 


    A note for those of you still using Internet Explorer 11. 

    Microsoft is ending support of IE11 on 17 August 2021. We have decided to follow suit and will be ending support for IE11 by 31st December 2021. Impero will continue to run on IE11, but fixes specific to IE11 will no longer be prioritized.  

    Please click here for more information about browser support and technical requirements.