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Change on control tasks: Radio-button and Checklist without options have been replaced! (Release April 2024)

Due to the introduction of a new control task element with the new release on 28th April (as shown in screenshot), Radio-Button and Checklist tasks that do not have any answer options in your existing controls have been replaced with the new task element "Heading". You might have used these task types as a workaround for headlines at the beginning or between sections in your controls. With the mentioned release, this is no longer needed, since a designated task element for headlines is available and it has automatically replaced the existing Radio-Button and Checklist without answer options in your environment. The text input including the headline and the instructions remain as before. You won't need to take further actions, as we have taken care of these changes. Please contact support@impero.com if you need more information or have any questions.


New task design box (incl. Heading):

Example for a Radio-Button task without answer options: