Version 2.34.4 (13-05-2024)


With this release, we have further extended the export of control activity list with three additional fields, including the ID of the control activity, the ID of the control and the ID of the control program.


  • an issue with the file uploader in the control editor (used for uploading instructions for tasks), where we displayed an error when linked files were not available 
  • an issue with access rights when copying control programs (it incorrectly required the organization administrator role)
  • an issue where the "Table" task type in controls had a limit of 8 columns and 8 rows. This release puts the maximum number of columns to 10 and the maximum number of rows to 100
  • an issue where, when copying control programs, we also copied program rights. After this change, only the person copying the program will have access (but will be, as usual, able to add other users)
  • a minor issue with the wording of the German localization